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Bangalow's Naturopath Sue Daly has many years experience in natural holistic approaches to healing. Bangalow Naturopath is a Dispensary and Clinic and also offers workshops and courses for those with a passion for hands-on experience. Here is Sue's story.


My Passions and how I got into this!!

Back in the 1970’s I read a book called ‘Survival in the 21st century' which explored 20th century disease processes. The author of the book had left a paid job in the city to live a natural life, away from pollutants in the air, food and water. The journey of this man’s health changes was immortalised in his colour photos over 30 years. His vibrant self at 60 stands in strong contrast to his sickly self at 30. This book revolutionised my thinking forever.

I became interested in nutrition and vegetarianism. I didn’t realise then that the effects of pollution, poor soil, poor nutrition and pharmacological drugs on health were only going to get worse. In the early 80’s I did a correspondence course on herbal medicine from the Queensland institute of Natural Medicine whilst studying for my BA at university and then went straight into teaching. I loved teaching but decided to retire when my first child was born.

My baby daughter was often sick with’ asthma’ and doctors wanted to put her on corticosteroid drugs. It seemed that every second child around us had this problem. I sought out an alternative opinion from a medical herbalist who also referred me on to an allergist. With her tonics I was able to take my child off anti biotics and boost her immune system. The tonics relieved her colic symptoms and dry wheezing cough for the first time in two years. The allergist and herbalist both suggested a dairy free diet as they believed my daughter was dairy intolerant. This verdict was life changing.

Within a few weeks I had a completely different child. The cough was gone, the puffiness around her eyes, the stomach pain and interestingly her clinginess. At around the same time too, I had a friend whose young daughter was completely covered in warts from head to toe and was quarantined. Her pediatrician wanted to laser these off. My Medical herbalist, changed the diet of both this little girl and her Mum( who was still nursing her) Over a 4-6 month period we literally watched these warts starve and fall off. This girl today has the most beautiful unscarred skin.

Both these experiences took me back to my interest in nutrition and herbal medicine. I enrolled in the Newcastle College of herbal medicine and I can remember my Mum saying I haven’t seen you this excited about anything in ages. I was excited the whole time I was studying. It is not surprising that our herbal medicines work so well. Plants contain unique active ingredients as well as specific nutrients which target particular organs and systems. In their entirety, they do not cause harmful side effects like pharmaceutical drugs do. Although prescription drugs can be life saving they can also be life harming. I often see the ill effects of excessive antibiotics, anti depressant drugs and anti inflammatory drugs. In practice, I seek to find the underlying cause of illness, rather than just treating the symptoms.


A detailed case of past, present and familial history as well as a full systemic health check helps the diagnosis. So too does a full nutritional analysis. I believe that given the right ingredients the body has the ability to heal itself. Physical examination techniques may be employed but I also use iridology as a valuable diagnostic tool to examine the integrity of body tissues. Live blood analysis can also be a beneficial here too.

I formulate a treatment plan, combining the principles of herbal medicine with nutrition and therapeutic supplements to facilitate healing at a deep level. My approach is holistic looking at both physical and emotional factors in all disease.

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We really loved the Olde Worlde atmosphere of your shop and your friendly service. Thanks for the great professional advice on a natural ointment for my wife's skin rash.It's so good to realise their are natural alternatives when all the GP could recommend is cortisone.

James Ferrier, Nerang. December 2011

Clinic & Dispensary

Our dispensary is at Bangalow House in the mains street of Bangalow next to the Post Office and our clinic is by appointment.


The Bangalow Naturopath

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Bangalow NSW 2479

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