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Private 1 hour comprehensive health analysis. Half hour follow up appointments as needed. Iridology, Hemaview live blood analysis and dietary evaluation considered in formulating a unique treatment plan for you. Read More.

workshops We offer a range of hands on courses & workshops during the year to help empower you and actively assist in maintaining and improving your skills, knowledge and level of personal health. 
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Sue Daly, Naturopath

Bangalow Naturopath Sue Daly has many years experience in natural holistic approaches to healing. Bangalow Naturopath is a Dispensary and Clinic and also offers workshops and courses for those with a passion for hands-on experience.

Jan 2010

Are you feeling sluggish, unmotivated or carrying excess baggage?
You may need a bit of a spring clean to get in shape or re-vitalise before summer.

Every day we are exposed to vast numbers of toxic substances that we may not even be aware of - in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the materials with which we surround ourselves. In addition, the bodily functions of digestion and elimination, physical activity and dealing with stress, produce a number of toxic by-products. To stay well we need to clear toxic accumulations from the body.
One of the great diagnostic tools of the naturopath is iridology. An iridologist will look into the coloured section of your eye with a magnifying lens and can actually tell you what tissues and organs of the body these toxic accumulations are settling in.
Your practitioner will need to assess you individually of course, to establish your nutritional status and digestive integrity before designing a de-tox program to suit your needs. The usual procedure is to first cleanse the bowel, repair the lining of the gut (if necessary) and then release toxic waste from the liver and kidneys.
As old residues of past and present lifestyles are cleared, nutritional status is improved. The eye becomes lighter and can even change colour!. Some people who thought they were brown eyed can become blue! Importantly excess weight can drop away and we can begin to feel more motivated and re-vitalised!

Bangalow Heartbeat Article by Sue Daly, The Bangalow Naturopath

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We really loved the Olde Worlde atmosphere of your shop and your friendly service. Thanks for the great professional advice on a natural ointment for my wife's skin rash.It's so good to realise their are natural alternatives when all the GP could recommend is cortisone.

James Ferrier, Nerang. December 2011

Clinic & Dispensary

Our dispensary is at Bangalow House in the mains street of Bangalow next to the Post Office and our clinic is by appointment.


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